Granny of Ft Smith Buy-Here-Pay-Here

Fort Smith's favorite Buy-Here-Pay-Here car dealer: Granny's Used Cars

Bad credit?  This economy has ruined credit for a lot of people, so you have plenty of good company.

Granny understands that good people sometimes fall on hard times, so credit problems won't stop her from financing your car.

Most auto finance companies at least demand that you have a job, but Granny knows you need a car to get to job interviews, and that your unemployment insurance or working odd jobs, can enable you to make your car payments.

Granny also knows that it can be difficult to make a car payment if your car stops working.  That's why we offer a free warranty and auto repair assistance to all our Fort Smith Buy-Here-Pay-Here customers.

Don't let these issues slow you down, if you need a dependable used car -

  • Single parent
  • Young and few or no job references
  • Out of work
  • Bad credit
  • Repossessed
  • Foreclosed
  • Bankruptcy
  • Low down payment

How does our Fort Smith Buy-Here-Pay-Here plan work?

  • Simple application form.
  • Low down payment (from $200) or trade-in.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.
  • Free warranty.
  • Auto repair assistance plan.

Granny's Fort Smith Buy-Here-Pay-Here plan will help you get into a dependable used car that you can use to find your next job and get back and forth to work.  Call or come by today and let us help solve your transportation problems.