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No Warranty?

Don't be caught without one!  Granny's Warranty is free and gives you protection from motor and transmission failures. But that's not all - Granny's one-year, bumper-to-bumper Repair Assistance Program brings peace of mind January through December!

Warranty Details

Free $$$

You don't have to be a customer to win YOUR $100 bill.

Just drop by Granny's Guaranteed Used Cars on Towson and ask us to put your bumper sticker on.


Ford Focus Station Wagon 2006
Search all Ft Smith used cars and you're not likely to find a deal this good!  This well cared for one-owner wagon has only been driven by an older couple, serviced regularly, oil changed, etc.

If you're looking for a dependable, newish wagon that can hold nearly as much as a minivan and still get 30mpg, this one is for you!

Used Car Info

85 Jaguar XJS
Let the neighbors think you won the lottery!

This classic Jag drives great and has tons of performance.

This has been reupholstered, painted and is ready to go.  The finishing touch would be a simulated wood-grain dash replacement kit ($130 on ebay).

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A Family Business
Granny's is a family business where anyone - hard-working family men, single mothers or teens just starting out, can buy a dependable car with confidence. Whether you're buying or selling a used car, you'll be treated right at Granny's!

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Why Granny's?

Guaranteed Used Cars

Granny has her own repair shop and mechanics on the premises, so when your guaranteed used car needs help, we're ready with our free 30-day warranty & 1-year Repair Assistance Program.

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Used Car Warranty

No matter how well you check out a used car, anything can happen.  That's why smart shoppers buy guaranteed used cars with Granny's free 30-day Warranty and 1-Year Repair Assistance Program that take the worry out of used car shopping.

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Used Car Towing

Granny's Repair Assistance Program offers towing within Fort Smith city limits from just $35.  When you buy a guaranteed used car from Granny, her team is always there for you.

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Used Car Services

Cash, Finance or Trade

Granny chooses each car carefully because she wants you to have reliable transportation, not a mechanical headache. Whether paying cash, using a trade-in or needing financing, you'll be happy with Granny's.

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Granny Buys Used Cars

Granny is expanding and needs dependable used cars more than any other Ft Smith used car dealer.  Granny almost always offers MORE than Kelly Blue Book value!

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Sell Your Car Here

Want to sell your car with no effort?  Then park it on our Consignment Lot and we'll sell it for you for a small fee.

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